“Martha and William Pieper focus on every parent’s desire: the happiness
of their children. They recognize that the best thing parents can do to achieve
that goal is to provide love and attention in ways their children can understand
and use. They encourage the long-term view of development that speaks to
children’s deep feelings of worthiness rather than to the here-and-now of how
the child is behaving. The Piepers’ approach to parenting makes the process
easier and more pleasurable for both children and parents. This book is a
great overview as well as a resource for solving problems.”

Barbara T. Bowman, former Executive Director, Erikson Institute for
Early Childhood Education

“Smart Love is a terrific book of practical tips, psychological insights, and
wise childrearing philosophy. Everyone who is smart enough to read Smart
Love will have a much better idea of why babies to adolescents do what they
do and of how to steer a peaceful and loving course through the daily and
sometimes perplexing challenges of parenting.”

Joan Ganz Cooney, co-founder of Children’s Television Workshop
and originator of “Sesame Street”

“At last! A parenting book that tells dads and moms it’s OK to follow their
healthiest instincts. This definitely isn’t tough love, but it isn’t permissiveness
either. Over decades of experience, the Piepers have developed and tested
a positive approach that is successful with all kinds of kids. Whether you’re
a parent or a professional, you will welcome the good news in Smart Love.
You can enjoy a relationship with children that’s based on mutual respect.
You don’t have to get tough-you can get smart!”

David S. Liederman, former Executive Director, Child Welfare League
of America

“Excellent suggestions on how to be nurturing and compassionate,
so that you can help your child become well-adjusted and happy.”

Ann Landers, former syndicated columnist

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