Parents come to us for the following common concerns and difficulties:

Sleep: Our Consultants will help you learn how put your infant, toddler or preschooler
to sleep happily and on their own. They will help you understand how your child's need
for sleep changes as she grows as well as the relationship between nap-time and night
time sleep. Lastly, they will help you create a sleep routine that works for you and your
child -a gift to last a lifetime! In-Home Sleep Consultation available for infants
(0 to 12 months)

Toileting: Learn the signs of when your toddler is ready to use the potty.
Tossing aside rewards, punishments, and shame, our consultant will provide you
with information about this stage of development and ways to support this healthy
and natural milestone that every child accomplishes. Learning our approach will
allow you to help your child to gain autonomy, independence, and the pleasure of
using the bathroom - self-esteem included!

Homework: Power struggles surrounding homework are common, counter-productive,
and frustrating for both child and parent. We will help you plan time with your
child that incorporates both homework and focused fun. Your consultant will help
you strike the right balance in creating a new routine conducive to supporting your
child’s homework efforts while maintaining a warm and happy relationship with you.

Sibling Rivalry: Our consultants will help you and your family find more pleasurable
time together and eliminate constant bickering and rivalry. You will learn about your
children’s age-appropriate needs; the dynamics of your children’s relationships
with each other and you; and how to structure a conflict-free day.

Behavior Difficulties: As the first step, our consultants will help you understand
the meaning behind your child’s immature and out-of-control behavior. They will
work with you to formulate the best response to manage the his behavior while
building your child’s capacity to make good choices and regulate himself.
Common areas of focus are preschool readiness and adjustment, sharing and peer
relationship difficulties, managing tantrums and meltdowns, and adjusting to a new sibling.

Teen Struggles: Teen years don’t have to be ones of power struggles, rebellion
and resentment. While commonly perceived as a very trying time for families, it
can be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship parents have with their teen.
We can help you understand the kinds of changes teens are going through and
how to strike the balance between guiding, stepping in when necessary to keep
them safe, and the increasing autonomy your teen is wanting.

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