“Smart Love offers a coherent understanding of what parenting is all about
and what growing up is all about. Smart Love is smart because it offers
a game plan for parenting your child from birth through adolescence. I have
relied on this book for dilemmas I have had with each of my children and
each time the advice has been terrific and the problem I was having
completely resolved.”

Mother of five children, aged 8 months to 13 years

“For the first time, I really understand the meaning of behavior that has
puzzled me with each child, for example, why they start clinging to my
leg at about a year of age and don’t let go for months. Wise, warm hearted
and knowledgeable, Smart Love is the best book out there.”

Parent of three children

“I’m a working mother who chooses to work but I also care deeply about my
children’s emotional development. I can see how much my children miss me
when I’m at work. Smart Love showed me parenting pitfalls to avoid and how
to respond to my children’s feelings to safeguard their emotional development.
I am so grateful to have this book, which doesn’t whitewash
the problems of combining work and parenting.”

Working Mom

Smart Love showed me how to respond
to my children’s feelings to safeguard
their emotional development.

“I absolutely loved this book because it not only
told me how to parent but WHY to parent the
smart love way. I am already a happier, more
confident parent.”

Parent of an infant

“I learned that I have been expecting way to much of my kids and that they
will outgrow many of the behaviors I have been fighting with them to change.
Suddenly our house is peaceful and pleasant and I feel so much more confi-
dent about what I am doing.”

A parent from Milwaukee

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