Smart Love Preschool

"When children's needs are responded to knowledgeably and positively, children acquire the
inner resources to function flexibly and effectively in the real world."

- Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D. and William J. Pieper, M.D.

Smart Love was developed by two highly respected experts, Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D.
and William J. Pieper, M.D. The Piepers are native Chicagoans and parents of five.
Supported by the latest child development research, Smart Love has been successfully
applied by trained professionals in a broad range of settings for over three decades.

The Piepers discovered that everyone is born with the capacity to achieve a stable,
pleasurable inner well-being and identified the most effective ways both to foster that
well-being and also to avoid developing needs for self-sabotage. Children, adolescents,
and adults who possess true inner happiness are able to make constructive and healthy
self-caretaking choices, to enjoy a productive, fulfilling school or work life, and to
sustain close, pleasurable relationships with loved ones and peers.

The Smart Love Preschool provides a setting that promotes young children's long-term
academic success by strengthening their social-emotional health and inspiring their
intellectual creativity through play-based learning.

"Research shows that children who engage in complex forms of socio-dramatic play have
greater language skills than nonplayers, better social skills, more empathy, more
imagination, and more of the subtle capacity to know what others mean. They are less
aggressive and show more self-control and higher levels of thinking."

(Crisis in the Kindergarten, 2009, Alliance for Childhood.)

Smart Love Preschoolers as they mature will have:
a stable desire to learn that doesn't depend solely on the appeal of the subject matter;
the ability to enjoy the process of learning and not just the grade;
the capacity to stick to the learning goal in the face of difficult subject matter, setbacks,
and times of not understanding the material
the ability to study in the face of feeling tired or having attractive social options and;
the willingness to ask for help when necessary yet not constantly seeking help because
of general feelings of incompetence.

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